Staff Artists

Meet the Team
We have an incredible group of talented artists on our team!



Anna grew up in Ocala and has always been inspired to create!  Her grandmother was a huge influence on her and was her inspiration for becoming an artist.  Anna’s grandmother even gave Anna all of her art supplies when she decided that she could no longer paint.  Anna is self-taught and her favorite medium is painting on canvases, although she has made many of our glass samples and is having fun creating the glass projects as well.  She loves her job with us and says that the time just flies when she is working!  She loves to spend time with her fiancé and enjoys long boarding on the Greenway.  Her dream would be to get a big bus and take a road trip with a bunch of friends!


  • Mae and her husband have welcomed their first baby!  It’s a boy!
  • She has a cat named Serena.
  • Mae’s favorite musical artist is Panic! at the Disco.


  • Born and raised in Ocala.  Andrea has a fine arts degree from Flagler.
  • She enjoys working with ceramic pottery, glazes and acrylic painting.
  • Andrea loves all things Stitch, Disney and Batman.
  • In her free time, she enjoys playing video games, sketching, hanging out with family and watching YouTube videos.



  • Lives with her husband, 6-year-old son, one dog and three cats!
  • Plans to build a hobbit house someday.
  • Studied fine art in Toronto, Canada.  Nike’s favorite artists include Bouguereau, Sargent and James Gurney.
  • Is a massive geek.  Firefly, Stargate, Horizon: Zero Dawn and Steven Universe are some of her obsessions.  She can also juggle.


  • Val is a Junior at Belleview High School.
  • She is involved in the AICE program and enjoys volunteering at Advent Health Ocala.
  • She loves to stay involved with serving the community by staying active in her school’s Interact Club and attending meetings and conferences with the Rotary Club of Belleview.
  • However, Val’s favorite pastime is spending time with friends and her dog, Buster.


Autumn was born in Ocala but was raised in Dunnellon on the Withlacoochee River.  She’s currently going to CF and is considering a major in early childhood education.  Her favorite movies are Dead Poet’s Society, Scream, and Kiki’s Delivery Service.  Autumn has a sketchbook dedicated solely to Adventure Time and enjoys drawing the characters.  She plans to teach English in Asia and explore for a few years after receiving her degree.  Autumn’s dream is to explore every country and learn about their languages and cultures.


  • Amanda is both an art enthusiast and art teacher.  She is thrilled to talk about anything regarding art!
  • She studied Fine Arts in NY and has worked with most art mediums but loves working clay/ceramics the best.
  • A few of her favorite things are: Disney (especially villains), animals and all things fitness.


  • Brent has two cats, Kong and Toochi.
  • He won 2nd place in the FSPA Live Action Sports Photography competition.
  • His first job was as a jeweler.  He has also been an archery instructor.
  • Brent plays clarinet and is learning piano.