Adult Events

Every month we have a few events geared specifically toward adults, many of these offer complimentary refreshments and some have FREE WINE!  These events are seriously fun and best when you bring a friend or two!
Couples Canvas
Ladies Nights!
Potty Mouth Pottery!
This is an event that lets you really let loose and say and paint whatever the [email protected]#k you want, this night can get a little rowdy, but we say bring it on B*tc#es!  100% adults only.  We have some beautiful profanity-laden silkscreens that just might make you blush!  If you don’t want to use silk screens,  we can help you come up with your own d&%n thing!
We provide refreshments, you provide your beverage of choice and try your hand at our tacky trivia!  You never know, you just might win something GREAT!    Tell your friends to join you at Picasso’s for a great f&#king night.