Kid and Teen Workshops

We have so many classes geared specifically for bigger kids and teens every single month!  As always, check out our monthly calendar for up-to-date info and times.  Here’s a taste of our regular programs!

Kid’s Night Out!

Twice a month we host Kid’s Night Out, this is an evening geared toward having fun!  We offer Pizza, Popcorn, Drinks, A  Movie and related craft.  Sign in and drop off your child between 5:45 an 6:00pm  and let them have a little freedom to be creative!  Be back at 9:00 for pick up and let them tell you all about THEIR night out.

Kid’s Workshops:

Each month we offer different workshops to help boost their creativity!  Workshops consist of Canvas Painting, Board Art, Wet Clay Molding, Ceramic and Pottery Painting, Mixed Media and much more!  These workshops are perfect for your homeschool group as well!

Teen Night

Once a month we have a very special Teen Night event!  These projects are a bit more advanced for your artists from 13-19.  Not only are the projects awesome, but we include complimentary snacks, drinks AND there’s trivia with prizes!  We often have some pretty jealous adults when these events roll around!