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Did you know you can check out our entire canvas design collection right here online?

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We offer a wide variety of canvas painting classes for adults as well as children (seven and up).  We provide the canvases, easels, paint, brushes and our trained staff artist’s instruction.  Bring your own personal style and let us take care of everything else.

During each of our classes, you will enjoy step-by-step instruction with our staff artists as you create your own one-of-a-kind masterpiece on a pre-sketched canvas.  Our classes for adults are $35.00 and last about two hours.  Children’s classes are $25 and also last about two hours.  Adult canvases are 16 X 20 and the children’s canvases are 12 X 12.  The classes are designed for those with little or no painting experience.

We offer at least one adult and one children’s class each week.  Once a month we also offer a “Parent & Child” class and a “Couples Canvas” class.  Check out the calendar for more information!

As always, you can walk in anytime and we’ll set you up with whatever canvas design you’d like!  While you won’t have the instructor painting along with you, like you would during our classes, don’t let that discourage you!  We have a whole book of patterns with step-by-step instructions.  Everything from animals, cityscapes and creative florals to fun foods and holiday icons and MORE!  And we’re always here for you if you have a question or need a bit of help.

Why not grab your girlfriends and make it a Ladies Night Out – or bring your significant other and a bottle of wine for Date Night.  The possibilities are endless – come as you are… leave as an ARTIST!