Clay is a wonderful, tactile medium that many individuals have never experienced before.  Its three dimensional nature forces you to think about structure, shapes and forms.  During our classes, artists are taught various hand building techniques including coil, slab and pinching, as well as how to make and use slump and press molds.

Usually you would need to come for a specific class to work with clay, but a couple of days a week are dedicated to playing with clay however you like!  Look out for our “Open Clay” days on our calendar.  And if you want to work with clay, but don’t have a particular project in mind, don’t worry!  We have a TON of samples to light your creativity on fire!

After you create your masterpiece from wet clay, we allow the clay to dry just enough to be able to paint it.  That’s right, you’ll be building and painting your work on the same day!

After that, we will fire your creation in our kiln.  Sometimes these items must be fired twice, so you’ll have to wait about two weeks to pick up your finished piece.  But, trust us, it is worth the wait!