We are a Creative Art/DIY Studio offering a variety of art mediums including:

  • Pre-fired Pottery for glazing
  • Canvas Painting and Pouring
  • Clay Hand building and Pottery Wheel
  • Fused Glass
  • Resin Art!

  There is a whole lot to do, and NO RESERVATIONS ARE NEEDED!

  Just walk right in and begin creating!

Pre-Fired Pottery:

Choose from a variety of pre-fired (bisque) items, including everything from house wares to home decor and children’s items. 

Enjoy glazing with a wide variety of non-toxic food safe glazes and specialty glazes. Our Studio Artists can assist with silk screens and a variety of techniques to ensure that you love your creation.  Once it is fired in one of our four kilns, we will call you for pick up.

Canvas Collection:

Choose from hundreds of canvas stencil designs that walk you step-by-step through the process of acrylic painting or you may create your own masterpiece from a variety of canvas sizes.

Canvas stencils listed below:

Download Adult-Canvas-Designs-PDF.pdf

Download Kids-canvas-design-PDF.pdf

Acrylic Pours:

Acrylic pours create backdrops for dreamscape scenery and magnificent faux marble designs. With so many acrylic pouring techniques available, it can be difficult to know where to begin, this is where our Studio Artists come into play!  We will help you with color combinations and techniques so you can create a one-of-a-kind piece of art that you will LOVE!

Clay Hand Building:

Clay is a wonderful tactile, three dimensional medium that many individuals haven’t experienced.  During our workshops we teach various hand building techniques including coil, slab, pinching and how use slump and press molds.

Keep an eye on our monthly calendar for clay classes or walk-in and create on your own.

Pottery Wheel:

We offer Wheel Throwing classes with our Master Potter a few times a week.  As a student you are taught to wedge, center, open, and mold clay on a potter’s wheel to create a dish, bowl, or maybe a planter.

This class is recommended for ages 10 and up.

Fused Glass:

Glass fusing is an amazing form of art that is offered as a walk-in medium and in monthly workshops.  Our Studio Artists will teach you to score, nip, and cut-glass pieces to create beautiful Coral Bowls, Nightlights, Trivets, Ornaments and more.

Resin Art:

Resin Art is a wonderfully messy medium that we LOVE!  Choose from Charcuterie Boards, Framed Beach Resin, or Acrylic and Crushed glass with Resin overlay.

 Keep an eye on our monthly workshops for the newest resin ideas to come your way!